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Kosovo Local Polls
Kosovo - The availability of internship opportunities
February 2022
KOSOVO - changes in vaccine acceptance
November 2021
Kosovo U-Report poll on climate change
October 2021
Kosovo U-Report poll with Strategic Planning Office
September 2021
Kosovo U-Reporters’ opinions towards COVID-19
April 2021
Kosovo greening survey
March 2021
Kosovo – Vaccine perception and confidence
December 2020
Kosovo - Mental Health U-Report
October 2020
Kosovo - Back to School U-Report
October 2020
Mask Usage in Kosovo
August 2020
Kosovo - The future after COVID-19
August 2020
2020 Kosovo U-Report, Impact on Education, Learning, and Jobs
July 2020
2020 Kosovo-Youth experiences, sentiments and views on COVID-19
July 2020
Kosovo Attitudes toward COVID-19 preventive measures
July 2020
U-report poll regarding adolescents and youth affected by #covid19
April 2020
KOSOVO - Improve the risk protection from COVID-19
March 2020
Kosovo- Young People's Career Aspirations and job search preparedness
February 2020
Questionnaire about air pollution in Kosovo
December 2019
Questionnaire about volunteering - Kosovo
December 2019
Questionnaire about Sport
November 2019
Activate Talks - Kosovo
September 2019
Inclusion of children’s with disability - Kosovo
July 2019
Poll for culture of dialogue and peace building - Kosovo
July 2019
Opinion on the Matura Exam - Kosovo
June 2019
Kosovo - supporting the process of creating a new global strategy for education
March 2019
Poll by UN Women and UNICEF Kosovo Programme on Gender-Based Violence
November 2018
Poll by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo - Volunteerism in Kosovo
October 2018
Poll by Kosovo's Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare on the Law on Labour and Law on Maternity and Parental Leave
October 2018
Poll on Adolescents and Youth by UNICEF Innovation Lab Kosovo
September 2018
Poll by UNDP Kosovo on Access to Legal Aid
August 2018
Poll by UNICEF Kosovo Programme - Gender Balance and Equal Opportunities
July 2018
Poll by Kosovo's Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport (MKRS) on Kosovo's Youth
July 2018
Kosovo Local Polls
Kosovo - Mental Health U-Report
October 30, 2020
Over the last two weeks, I have felt cheerful and in good spirits:
1,523 responded out of 1,631 polled
Over the last two weeks, I have felt calm and relaxed:
1,491 responded out of 1,523 polled
Over the last two weeks, I have felt active and vigorous:
1,467 responded out of 1,491 polled
Over the last two weeks, I woke up feeling fresh and rested:
1,443 responded out of 1,467 polled
Over the last two weeks, my daily life has been filled with things that interest me:
1,430 responded out of 1,443 polled
Which of the following is most helpful in making you feel better and safer during this time of pandemic?
1,415 responded out of 1,430 polled
Have you ever used a mental health support helpline?
1,401 responded out of 1,415 polled
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