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What is U-Report?

U-Report is a free and anonymous digital tool, created by UNICEF Global, where YOU can freely and safely speak out on topics that are important to YOU and to YOUR community. U-Report directly interacts with young people ages 15 and higher, (with a focus on those ages 15 to 24), who sign up to become U-Reporters through simple polls sent via Facebook Messenger or Viber. These polls are focused on topics and challenges that are most relevant to U-Reporters in their respective communities, and they give youth the means and a channel for stating and discussing their opinions and satisfaction with regards to children’s rights, equality, socio-political and economic developments, and any other areas that are relevant to them in their respective communities.

Moreover, U-Report promotes dialogue, freedom of expression, and gives youth the platform and the voice to actively participate and help shape policy development, and to become more informed about matters that are important to them so that they can make a difference in their communities.

The Western Balkans U-Report is the first of its kind as a sub-regional U-Report and it includes the UNICEF Country Offices of Albania, Kosovo* and Montenegro. National polls will be administered only to U-Reporters in that nation, while sub-regional polls will be administered to all U-Reporters in the Western Balkans!

*All references to Kosovo are made in the context of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999)

What are U-Reporters?

U-Reporters are volunteer youth community members, who sign up in the U-Report to become U-Reporters and provide information on issues in their communities to create change. U-Reporters are able to give free and anonymous answers to various topics and matters that are being polled, and then are able to analyze and cross examine poll results, and receive important information and insight on priority issues at the national and international level, and gauge public opinion and perceptions on issues that are important to them.  

U-Reporters will receive poll questions via Facebook Messenger or Viber. Upon answering poll questions, they can visit the U-Report website where all poll results are shared with the general public and can be analyzed and referenced. Central governments, central institutions and various NGOs that are strategically partnered with U-Report, use polls to evaluate public perceptions or satisfaction with certain services and policies, and use the results to develop new policies that address issues or problems uncovered by the U-Reporters.

In addition, our U-Report Facebook social site offers a space for discussion and information sharing between our U-Reporters community and the general public.  

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